Nan and Pop have won a free mystery flight at the boat club raffle… they’ve never flown before! Hang on to your hats!!! OOOROOOO!

“Nan are you sure we’ll be ok?” “Pop you’re with my eye and Mary Martin”

“Let’s hope there is no Ibis around darl…”  “Nan a bird in the hand is worth two on the street”


Ummmmmmm there’s no listing for a mystery flight?

“Bloody fandangled electrolysis… give me a counter already”

“Hey Nan, what do you call it, when you’re sick of being in the airport? Terminal illness!” “Oh for crying out loud Pop..really!”

Finally a person to speak to!

Finally a person to speak to!  I get practically electrocuted by touch screens.

“Pop with a bit of luck that cutie on the right wants to strip search me” “Dream on Nan…”

“Hey Nan, what do you call a pregnant flight attendant…pilot error!”  “Oh Pop I’ll give you a clip around the ears if you keep this up”

“Oh Pop this is exciting” “Nan I’m nervous”  “If you chuck I don’t know you”

I wanna introduce myselef to the skipper darl… where’s the cock pit”   “Oh and a shandy for two”

“Oh Nan what a treat to get to sit up front” “Pop don’t go touching anything, I’m quite ardament about that.”

While Pop feels lime green, Nan chats with the Qantas skipper.

While Pop starts to feel lime green, Nan chats with the Qantas skipper. “Takes a good woman to fly a bus like this darl… bet you’ve got a hip flask!”

“Hey Pop why they got such big seats in this section” “Cause they got big bums I guess nan”  “Big bottom you’ve gottem”

“Pop, why do the seats on planes double as floating devices when they should double as parachutes?” “I guess it’s the fly in the iceberg Nan”

“Nan… we’re off the ground!” “You need a chuck bag yet Pop?”

“Darl they got flicks on this plane, wonder what filum is playing?”

“Oh lordie, I’m absolutely flabbergasted Pop!  Never been up so high”

“Hey darlin, got another shandy for me and extra spew bag for the fella next to me”  “Nan I need nuts, get me nuts”  “You are nuts Pop”

“chooken or beef?”

“mmm… where’s the chooken?”

“Oh Nan I don’t feel so good” “You’ll be right like rain Pop, just keep lookin’ at the horizon” “But it keeps moving Nan”  “Pop we’re landing!”

“Pop what’s that woman sniggering at, ain’t she seen class… the audacity?”

“Well that was a blast Pop!”  “…Maybe Nan”  “What – the dog’s got your tongue Pop?” “Nan I’d rather keep my feet on the ground”  “Don’t be a oxy moron Pop”

Indeed it was a mystery flight, and it just got weirder where their destination was nothing more than a prawn…..

“Hey Nan, did you hear about the crab that went to the prawn’s cocktail party? He pulled a mussel”

“Oh Pop don’t give up your day job, for crying out loud”

“You know Nan, travelling with you…can it get any better?”

“Pop – there’s always tomorrow!”

“That’s the spirit Nan”

“Tickety boo Pop…..tickety boo”

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