Nan joins the local “Macramé Mammies”… and hates it. A tipsy Pop talks himself up and scores a job selling real-estate! “Stone the crows, it’ll be Iced Volvos every-night!”

Nan hates the bloody local macramé club (what was she thinking) – she never thought she’d use her macramé to kill!  “Bunch of old whiney goon bags if you ask me.  I mean fair suck of the saveloy, you can’t even drink a shandy there – club rules… it’s enough to drive a body beresk!”

The Macramé Club

The Macramé Mammies Club

Meanwhile, Pop gets on a roll after swinging the clubs around the Paradise Palms golf course.  Later at the clubhouse, with a few shandies under his belt, Pop talks himself up as a real-estate mogul… and actually scores a real job!  His polished brogues have finally paid off…

“Darl you’ll be as popular as a rattle snake in a lucky dip”

“Nan, may your chooks turn into emus and kick your dunny door down!”

Pop parks the wheels at the golf club

Pop parks the wheels at the golf club, smack on the greens.

golf club

With that lame arse poise Pop knows it’ll be mully-gruber.

golf club

“He who has the fastest cart never has to play the fib.”

palm cove

Pop takes it back to the ritzy Paradise Palms Country Club for a few shandies

Palm Cove

A few shandies gives Pop some confidence with the classy vista. They don’t know he’s not a club member….

Nothing like a nice cool shandy.

Nothing like a nice cool shandy at discounted prices.

After hitting a birdie (a cockie actually) back at the clubhouse, and “full as a centipede’s sock drawer” with shandies; Pop gets the wind in his sales while yacking to the local real-estate agent – a hooker in fact.  Next thing law and behold Pop’s scored himself a bloody paid job – selling homes in the area!

“Pop, I always knew you’d end up working as a hooker”

Pop's new gig

Pop wonders what it will be like working as a hooker

…and so “Pop’s Pick” emerges on the Cairns real-estate scene – like never before.

9b pop pick screen 2

One of Pop’s ACTUAL adds, that he wrote himself! Yep Pop rocks it, copy and all… Nan says he’s a natural born hooker.

9 pop pick screen

A typical Pop’s Pick graphic. He’s taking over Cairns!

press pickspress pics


An expert in pointing, Pop embraces the real-estate world

“Hey Nan, what does a real estate agent use for birth control?”  “Oh Pop pleeeease, not another bad joke”     …”His personality!”

palm cove

Pop demonstrates the poolside comforts

Pops pick gold house

It all gets super chummy round the table at the golf club, and a tipsy hooker signs up for “Pop’s Pick” on the dotted line.

“Pop – I’m bloody flabbergasted. You’ve actually got a paid gig. It’s Iced Volvos every night!”

palm Cove

How salubrious to have a gym.

Close to the gym! Pop demonstrates his strength.

Pop demonstrates his strength at the gym. He’ll go the yards for this gig.

“Hey Nan – what do you call a girl standing in the middle of a tennis court? …..Annette”

Pop takes a break selling real estate for a sea breeze at Palm Cove.

Pop takes a breather for a sea breeze at Palm Cove. “It’s so gorgeous here in Cairns, I reckon I could flog our holiday snaps”

After the Macramé Mammies, and with a rather parched mouth like the bottom of a buggies cage. Nan takes to some bubbles to toast Pop's new gig.

After the Macramé Mammies, and with a rather parched mouth like the bottom of a buggies cage. Nan takes to some bubbles to toast Pop’s new job.

“You know Nan…. I’m gonna have a crack at flogging our travels pics!” “Pop – you lost your marbles. How do you expect to do that sweetie?” “I’m gonna take them to the TANK GALLERY” “Rightio Pop. the world really is a bowl of oysters!”.

And it was just like that….. Pop decided to print up a batch of holiday snaps in his home lab and marches off to the TANK Gallery in Cairns.  He couldn’t possibly think they’d get into an exhibition, but then again who thought he’d be flogging real-estate!

“Gosh can it get any better than this Nan?”  “…Pop there’s always tomorrow!”

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