Nan and Pop have an arvo shandy and a dip in the lagoon. Big news is Pop’s somehow wrangled his way into an art exhibition with their holiday snaps… STREWTH!

Chilled blains and all, Nan & Pop soak up the sun at the Lagoon in Cairns with an ice cool shandy.  It’s one of their favourite spots.    Who knows how, but Pop’s gone from real-estate mogul to world renowned artiste.  His plan to get their holiday snaps into a gallery has worked.  Did he slip everyone a moggy?

“It’s Mardi Gras time Pop, how FABULOUS!!  I LOVE Mardi Gras and hanging out with all them fun queens, I’m quite ardamant about it”

“It sure is a good time, we always have fun.  Gotta show them homoyped phobes how to have good time aye Nan.”

“Too right Pop, who needs them boring farts, when you can be ART like us, it’s so excitement.  TANKS – how ritzy mitzy.  Pop you really rock!”

“Nan, it’s not the rock, it’s the roll”

Lagoon is the place to cool those cracked heels and asparagus veins…. and it’s the place for Nan & Pop to have a shandy!

Nan has a good perv at some of the cuties around

Naughty Nan has a good perv at some of the cuties around. “It’s just like riding a bike sweetie and I never got off it”.

Pop points to the fly fish

“Hey Pop, it’d be cool if the fish could fly off the poles”  “Nan I reckon that’d be art wouldn’t it??  “Yes…I think so”

“Hey Pop, how much did you slip the curator to get our happy snaps into that posh gallery?” “Just a fiddy Nan”

Pop contemplates the fish flying off the poles for Nan.

Pop contemplates the fish flying off the poles for Nan. “Art is in the eye of the beholder Nan!”

And it was just like that – Pop does a deal and the next thing their holiday snaps are whacked on the TANKS gallery wall.  Art imitates life more than life imitates art…

For crying out loud Pop, your’e an an artiste now!!  You’ve slipped our snaps into an artsy fartsy gallery for Mardi Gras, and I LOVE a bloody Mardi Gras!!

“Nan, I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them”

“Pop… if you get wanky on me I’ll give you a good clip around the ears”

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”

CRACK.  And with one foul swoop, Nan gives Pop a clip around the ears.

Nan & Pop haul themselves into the TANKS gallery

Nan & Pop haul into the TANKS gallery. The back of the caravan is stacked chokers full of their holiday snaps bungled into frames for the “GAZE” exhibition.

Tank 4

Nan & Pop’s lives are on display. They’re so excited to be part of Mardi Gras…and they hope to flog some stuff   

“Nan, every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures”

“Pop- I think that’s a horse of an entirely different colour”

“We’ve passed a lot of water under the bridge.”

“We’ve passed a lot of water under the bridge

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