Pop’s not only hung…. he’s TANKED! Nan’s side blinded that their holiday snaps are on exhibit, she’s bloody proud as punch. Gosh… the world really is their Iced Volvos!

Nan swans into 'Knob Kutz' to get a new look for the gallery launch. "I'll be Tickety Boo!"

Nan swans into ‘Knob Kutz’ to get a new look for the gallery launch. “I’ll be Tickety Boo!”

Nan’s so TANKED with excitement about the ‘GAZE’ arty farty exhibition she’s like a Kangaroo loose on a tennis court.  With more zest than a boiled choko, she’s getting tizzied up for the opening bash.   It’s Mardi Gras so she wants to stand out like a country mile in a ripe new polyester frock, and O’Sullivans is the ONLY place to go.   Fossies has closed in Cairns.

Then she’s off to the local hairdressers “Knob Kutz” for a classy new doo.  She’s also making her “fuel injected” fruit punch and a platter of “traffic lights” as horsederves for tomorrow’s soirée. Busy Busy Busy.

Nan knows where to get an Osti Frock.

Nan knows where to get a quality Osti Frock.

With all cylinders blazing, Pop is on a roll.  With the real-state gig and now the gallery gig, their flushed enough to have Ham and Pineapple steaks back on their regliar menu!  Betty Crocker’s not a shade of grass on Nan.

Pop’s so art farty Mardi Gras “GAZED” he’s walking around squirting out art quotes he’s looked up in the Webster Encyclopaedias.


“Art is not a thing; it is a way, and a watched pot never comes to those who wait.  Nan we’re TANKED!


Pop pulls up to the TANKS gate, van ladled full of holiday snaps fresh from Kmart.


“Blue eyed to a cod, it’s all about getting tanked I say”

Tank 4

mmmm if we spike Nan’s fruit punch, will we flog more of our holiday snaps?


Pop “gazes” at their scintillating collection of holiday snaps he’s hauled in. “My life is limitating art, limitating life…”


“Art is the most intense mode of shenanigans that the world has known”.


Meanwhile as the curator hangs Pop’s work… “Hey mate… why didn’t the prawn share his inheritance? Because he was shellfish!”


“Nan and I have passed a lot of waters under the bridge to make this display”


It’s a stretch for Pop, but he helps hang their happy snaps in the gallery

Nan's "traffic lights", Cabanossi, cheese and cocktail onions. Easy Peasy.

Nan’s “traffic lights” – cabanossi, cheese and cocktail onions. Nice and Easy Peasy!!

Mardi Gras is always razzmatazz, Pop knows Nan will be flittering about the opening, sipping the free bubbles dancing with any cute queen while swanning around with her platters of sort after “traffic Lights”.  She can be such a fag hag!Pop really loves watching Nan having good time, somehow he always ends up cornered yarning with some green peace dykes and Nan has to rescue him.

Nan and Pop can’t wait till tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 11.37.12 am

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