Nanavan is an on-going travel documentation project using perspective photography.  The photos depict a couple of loveable characters “Nan & Pop” who go on a voyage, from the Kimberley region in Western Australia, across Australia in search of the “Silver Sands” – in their trusty old sedan and Airstream caravan.

The photographs utilise a multiple of classic in camera and multi-focal techniques with classic lenses that put “Nan & Pop” into perspective with a romance of a bygone era.  The miniature car and caravan are photographed in locations with a forced perspective and not photo-shopped in place.

The journey began to document “Nan & Pop” driving from Broome to Cairns, taking shots of the hilarious, odd and iconic with them along them way.  The blog which started in Broome at the beginning of their adventure had an exponential following world-wide during the trip.  It’s literally a project with “a life of its own”, the blog went on to be a finalist in the 2015 Queensland Multi-media awards.  Art or “pop art” that spawned from these blog photographs were created along with their further explorations of FNQ and created an exhibition entitled “Welcome to Cairns…” which was displayed at TANKS in September 2015 followed by the Canopy Gallery in Cairns.  The exhibition was written about in newspapers and received radio exposure.  The “Pop” character then went on and sold real-estate as “Pop’s pick”.   The “Welcome to Cairns…” exhibition continues its journey.

Nan & Pop’s “Can it get any better then this…. well there’s always tomorrow” mantra, means this is an on-going project of adventures, because as Pop says… “Cairns is just the tip of the ointment”!

The project which has meant original old toys getting dusted off their shelf and played with for the first time, in way too long, and has recently included some tin robots who are now menacing Cairns and the world!


Fishing at the Cairns Lagoon.

These wonderful images are available and produced on Kodak photographic papers to jazz up and adorn any wall or caravan!

Contact the creator on  markus.cochrane@gmail.com

You can have this art mounted on perspex or canvas!! WOW

You can have this art mounted on perspex for that WOW factor!


  1. Blue · March 29, 2016

    Keep it coming, wrtesri, this is good stuff.


  2. MvdB · August 19, 2015

    This is a little weird but funny! And the pictures are beautiful!


  3. Rileygp · August 19, 2015

    Nan and Pop – too much funny!

    Can’t wait to find out what shaninnigans they get up to at the Ritzy Yorkeys Boat Club!

    Will Nan bust out the string of pearls?


    • Ian Howells · September 9, 2015

      Or the old fur coat that Nan bought at a charity shop in Cooma during a particularly bleak winter on a trip to Kosiie (osco)


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