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Go to Nan and Pop’s secure ETSY shop for all items including those in exhibition.  Large vibrant poster size 36″ x 24″ unframed or framed (POA).  Block mounted panels (11″ x 14″) or (5″x7″), these are ready to hang and/or self standing.  Several blocks create interesting displays.  There’s special pieces and unique one-off 3D works for sale at ETSY

Telephone Markus (Pop’s nephew) in Australia on PH: 0415 200 630 for any information or a quick delivery to your Cairns hotel. Or email markus.cochrane@gmail.com

There’s also T-shirts and awesome messenger bags, too cool for school!


2 bags small


Limited edition prints are produced on high quality Kodak photographic paper. Fast International mail service and delivery to Cairns CBD Hotels provided.

All enquiries can be made through markus.cochrane@gmail.com 

or call the owner in Australia on PH: 0415 200 630  for any enquiries or special orders of Nan’s 3D range!

So get shopping at Nan & Pop’s ETSY shop…. everything is there!


T1 - Flying Fish

T1 – Flying Fish

T36 - Night Vision

T36 – Night Vision

T35 - Terminal

T35 – Terminal

T34 - beached

T34 – beached

T33 - Masonic

T33 – Masonic

T32 - Casino

T32 – Casino

T31 - Night Fishing

T31 – Night Fishing

T30 Yorkeys Beach

T30 Yorkeys Beach

T29 - Palm Popped

T29 – Palm Popped

T28 - Trinity car

T28 – Trinity car

T27 - House

T27 – House

T26 - Reef

T26 – Reef

T25 - Igloo

T25 – Igloo

T24 - Seaforth

T24 – Seaforth

T23 Library

T23 Library

T22 - Pop's knob

T22 – Pop’s knob

T21 - Sundowner

T21 – Sundowner

T20 - Scouted

T20 – Scouted

T19 - Barron Gorge

T19 – Barron Gorge

T18 - Cooked

T18 – Cooked

T17 - Silver Sands

T17 – Silver Sands

T16 - Welcome

T16 – Welcome

T15 - Pyramid

T15 – Pyramid

T14 - Emu

T14 – Emu

T13 - Slow

T13 – Slow

T12 - Motel

T12 – Motel

T11 - Smoked

T11 – Smoked

T10 - Red Rock

T10 – Red Rock

T9 - Borderline

T9 – Borderline

T8 - Kunnas

T8 – Kunnas

T7 Road Rage

T7 Road Rage

T6 - Mission Position

T6 – Mission Position

T5 - Kangarooted

T5 – Kangarooted

T4 Popped Fish

T4 Popped Fish

T3 - trinity

T3 – trinity

T2 - Big Prawn

T2 – Big Prawn